When planning an evening event for a more sophisticated group of guests then choosing the right entertainment is of up-most importance.  The classic choice for this sort of reception or drinks evening would be a pianist, harpist or classical ensemble of musicians. We would definitely suggest a String Quartet for this sort of function. We would choose a string group who were comfortable with the works of Bach, Beethoven and Handel to accompany any classy evening of cocktails and high-brow chit chat. Have a look at these String Quartets for Hire, they are all made up of top professional musicians and will create the perfect atmosphere for your guests.

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If you are looking to hire some live musicians for a birthday party then you might want to have a look at this. This birthday party band is perfectly suited to performances at all sorts of parties and events. They have been playing together for some time and formed a strong musical relationship. Check them out and see what you think.

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We would really like to recommend wedding songs playlist if you are planning a marriage and would like to compile all of your favourite songs in one place. All of the music is split up into useful and easy to navigate categories. If you have already chosen your music then the next thing to do is to find some wedding bands. Most wedding bands are able to play the popular choices on wedding songs playlist. The other place to choose your tunes is wedding music. This site is all about the songs and music that make up the perfect wedding reception tune list. For more songs that are not related to getting married, have a look at Songs to Play, the place to find any sort of song.

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If you are planning a wedding and would like to get your budget in order then we have a site that you simply must visit. Wedding Prices gives you the absolute most up to date costs so that you can plan your budget to perfection. The costs are split up into a few different categories so that you can easily navigate your way around. Wedding Ceremony Prices is a good page offering all sorts of hints and tips.

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You can now visit Last Minute Musicians on some new social network pages.

Our Soundcloud, Vimeo & Youtube pages feature high quality videos & recordings from some of our favourite Musicians, Bands & Performers which can be booked and contacted directly through our Musicians for Hire Website.

These pages will be updated regularly with exiting new videos & recordings so keep your eyes peeled!!

Bands for Hire

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We would like to introdue you to a brand new web site. Christian Musicians is all about bringing together gospel and worship musicians from across the world. Their dream is to have a world full a bands that would not have existed if it were not for this web site. We think that this is quite a noble dream to be perfectly honest. We also feel that they have done a really good job with this project and are sure that their wishes will be fullfilled.

The main focus is the Christian Music Forum and this is where most of the activity is going to take place. You can post n there without registering for anything, whih I think is a nie touch. Who can be bothered filling in forms any more.

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All about entertainment agencies:

Musicians Agency – Find lots of info about getting management/representation for your band or solo act. You really do need an agent if you are going to make it in the music industry and this article will tell you exactly how to get one.

Entertainment Agency UK – A complete range of musicians and bands for hire in the UK. These performers are all from the top drawer, they will turn up on time, play great and look amazing. Be sure to check out their jazz bands for hire.

Booking Musicians -  The place to find entertainment for any sort of UK event. This agency offers only the best professional entertainers available for hire in the UK at this present time. With over 500 bands to choose from you should be able to find the ideal entertainment service.

Latest Blog News

We have updated the blog a bit but if you have any suggestions at all about how we can improve it further then please feel free to drop us a message any time. We are always looking for entertainment related stories so if you have one then please also get in touch with us.

Last Minute Musicians Blog

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Are you looking to start a band? Do you need to find a guitarist or drummer or singer? We can help…

At this Musicians Forum, you can post about anything to do with music. However, the main focus of the site is to connect musicians who are looking to start a band or find a new player for an existing band. There are categories for different instruments and obviously, you can post about upcoming gigs or showcase concerts.

If you are looking for musicians for an event, then please click the musicians link at the start of this musical sentence. You can hire performers here for all sorts of events like parties, weddings, functions and corporate events.

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If you are looking for a site where you make a comparison between bands or music in general then we can help you. Have a look at Compare Music – This site is all about comparing music from across the web to find the best deals. Compare Bands is a similar site which focuses on comparing bands from a list of recommended artists.

Both of these sites only feature musicians from the top of the UK scene and we have personally checked that the artists and music is of the required quality for this purpose. The sites have been running for some time and their professional nature is evident on inspection of the service.

Another similar site which is worth checking out is Compare Live Bands. This site is all about comparing some of the best live bands for hire in the UK at the moments. Most of these acts specialise in weddings, corporate events and functions.

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Book Musicians -Book musicians from a reputable entertainment agency to make sure that you don’t get ripped of. You want to be working with people who turn up on time, look the part and sound great. At this link you will find musicians with all of those attributes.

How to Get Gigs – Get gigs for your band with this interesting and informative blog. There are loads of tips on getting more gigs for yoursefl, as a musicians, or your band. There are also lots of posts about related services like sound equipment hire.

Hire Jazz – Hire a jazz band in London with this great page from Last Minute Musicians. They feature only the best jazz bands and musicians operating on the London scene at the moment. Check out the link and have a listen to their wonderful music for yourself.

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